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ADI Part 1 Training

A computer based test in two parts. The first tests your knowledge of driving theory. The second tests your hazard perception responses. 


ADI Part 2 Training

Much like a regular driving test, part 2 tests your skill on the road, but to a much higher standard.

ADI Part 3 Training

The part 3 exam looks at your ability to pass on your knowledge and skills to your pupils.

ADI Part 1

The ADI Part 1 test is a test of your knowledge about driving, and a test of your ability to spot hazards while driving. While this is the easiest of the 3 tests, it is important to study the theory element. You will find this knowledge extremely useful when preparing for your part 2 and 3 tests.   

ADI Part 2

For the ADI Part 2 test you will be required to retake your driving test, and pass it at a much higher standard. This is the test most people struggle with, even those who already hold advanced driving qualifications. 

Getting the right training will make a huge difference to your ability to pass this test. A good instructor will help you identify any bad habits and gaps in you knowledge so that come test day you will be ready.

To pass the part 2 test you will need to drive for an hour, making no more than 6 minor mistakes. You will be expected to show advanced driving skills, including eco-friendly driving.  You will only get 3 goes at part 2, if you fail 3 times you will have to wait 3 years before you can reapply for your ADI licence. 


ADI Part 3

The ADI Part 3 test examines your ability to teach a pupil how to drive. You will find this exam much easier if you completed the first 2 exams with the support of a qualified trainer. You will be expected to demonstrate an ability to pass your knowledge and driving skills on to your pupils, to fix faults in their driving, develop their confidence behind the wheel, and to do all of that in a safe and responsible manner. 


ADI Standards Check Training

The ADI Standards Check tests your ability to teach novice drivers. All driving instructors are required to take the Standards Check test every 4 years. We provide the essential refresher training to make sure that your skills and knowledge are up to date and up to standard. We will help you iron out any little bad habits that might have crept into your driving, and make sure your training methods are current and effective.

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